I’m Petra Valdimarsdóttir a graphic designer + art director, based in Berlin since 2011. Over the past decade, I’ve spent time working on projects in Berlin, Rotterdam, Senegal, Beijing, Reykjavik + NYC. My website showcases both corporate design projects & self initiated art & design projects.
In the past I co-founded HAH-editions and FORGOTTEN FANCLUBS, both being art platforms for young and upcoming artists based in Berlin, Reykjavik, and Barcelona. Where we combine art exhibitions with print publications.

Selected Clients
Yale Magazine, Showroom MAMA, Red Gate Gallery Beijing, BRAINEFFECT, VITAFAIR, Ocean Fish, Riot of Perfume Magazine NYC, ΠMagazine

Press links 
︎︎︎ It’s Nice That
︎︎︎ Vice Magazine
︎︎︎ GUP Magazine
︎︎︎ Hyperallergic NYC
︎︎︎ Berlin Artlink
︎︎︎ PrintRoom

Artist Residencies
︎︎︎ Red Gate Gallery - Beijing, China
︎︎︎ WAAW - Saint louise, Senegal
︎︎︎ SÍM - Reykjavík, Iceland
︎︎︎ Event Horizon- Crete, Greece

︎︎︎ Celeste Art Prize NYC Nomination
Hendrik Valk 1st Prize
︎︎︎ Kunst Nacht Nomination
︎︎︎ O.P.A Nomination

Would love to hear from you

Photographic Works